Pre-Trip Ideas

I am probably the most organized person when it comes to trips. I am the type of the person who will plan the trip on a spread sheet with dates,times, activities, restaurants, options and prices. Although I have yet to decide where I am going and what my dates are I know I will be going somewhere! I figured I might as well double check all my travel equipment and see what needs to be updated, replaced, changed, repaired or tossed. And I’ll even share some of my tips and tricks with you guys so if you have an upcoming trip you can use a few of my ideas! 

Technology has become a vital tool when it comes to traveling. I brought out my camera from the bottom of my closet and well… Let’s just say it wasn’t pretty. I charged it up and took a few photos and the quality is even worse! I hopped on the internet and went straight to I know I cannot afford to buy a brand new camera right now so I figured I’d go put it on layaway, where I can make payments on the camera over the next few months. I am even going to sell my old camera on Craigslist for probably fifty dollars, it’s not really worth that much now.

I am a big photo person so when I am traveling I am snapping pictures left and right of everything! I will be on my phone taking pictures, using my camera or taking videos on my flip cam. There has been many times where my memory runs out and I do not have any room to take more pictures mid-day and have to stop taking pictures. I decided to invest in a larger memory card for my camera or another smaller memory card. That way you will have a back up plan. With my camera on my phone taking up so much battery I also bought a solar charger for my Iphone. Now that thing is handy! I bring my external hard drive with me on all my trips so I can import my photos to my computer and onto my external hard drive just to be safe. You never know what is going to happen! And it is better to be safe than sorry.

I bought a new suitcase that rolls in all directions and is a very popular style therefore I need to make it stand out if I need to find it coming down the carousal. I am going to go to Michael’s and buy some bright yellow yarn and crochet a handle cover so I can identify it easier.

Those are just a few things I suggest to do that I like to do. Even though I have no idea where this trip will take me I know that these things will be very important! There is nothing like forgetting something you need on a long trip and constantly wishing that you had it! Until next time ya’ll! Let’s hope I find where I am going sooner than later!

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